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Education and Outreach Education and Outreach

Education & Outreach

The nature of the Deep-C Consortium -- investigating the issues involved in understanding and protecting ecological communities in the Gulf of Mexico, and the opportunity to create models that make the interaction of the physical, chemical, and biological realms real -- provide rich opportunities for engagement with teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, K12 students, policy makers, and the general public.  The primary goals of the Deep-C Education & Outreach efforts are:

  • To provide real-life Deep-C research experiences for high school students, K-12 teachers, undergraduates, and graduate students from the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana; and
  • To communicate to the general public, legislators, and other policy makers the importance of Deep-C research in the Gulf as it relates to coastal ecosystems.

We regularly reach out to members of the science community, educational community, as well as the general public. 

  • Engaging students and educators through flexible internships
  • Conducting teacher workshops on using marine technologies (ROVs and temperature sensors) as teaching tools
  • Hosting an annual ROV Competition for high school students hosted by Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • Deep-C's "Scientists in the Schools" program that places researchers into local middle and high school classrooms.
  • CPALMS videos featuring Deep-C scientists (teaching resources for teachers and students) relating their work to K-12 educational standards
  • Science cafes and other public lectures to address issues and activities related to research in the Gulf of Mexico and the oil spill
  • Participation in community events, giving presentations to groups of all ages

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Deep-C was a four-year, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.Deep-C is no longer an active research project.  The information on this website is for historical reference purposes only. 

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