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Your Deep-C Data

If you have data files ready for submission to the center, please either upload your files and associated metadata using our web form (add link to data submission form) or send an email to if you need assistance.

The web upload system for data has been tested for datasets up to 10 GB in size. If you have larger datasets to submit, please send a text email to and we will arrange a method to retrieve your files (e.g., ftp, dropbox, USB hard drive exchange, etc.).

We recommend submitting a file manifest with each submission. The manifest should be a simple text file that lists all the individual file names that you are submitting. Including the individual file sizes is helpful to ensure that all files received are complete. The manifest is also a good place to provide information related to file access levels (see data access policy) you wish to set.


Deep-C was a four-year, interdisciplinary study of deep sea to coast connectivity in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.Deep-C is no longer an active research project.  The information on this website is for historical reference purposes only. 

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